Wedding FAQ & BHCC Rules

1. Can I use my own caterer or bring in my own wine?
Both the wedding meal and all beverages must be provided by Berkshire Hills Country Club. You may use an outside vendor for party favors and the wedding cake.

2. Do I need to make an appointment if I want to come and look at the country club and banquet facility?
We recommend that you make an appointment so we can ensure you will meet with our Manager to discuss all the necessary details, answer all of your questions and give you a tour of the facility.

3. Can we have our wedding ceremony at Berkshire Hills?
Yes you may have your ceremony at the country club. There is an outdoor wedding ceremony location with panoramic views of the mountains. We can also accommodate an indoor wedding ceremony on the dance floor in the banquet room. For smaller weddings, we can offer the deck for the ceremony.

4. Can I come in for a meal tasting prior to my wedding?
Yes, we offer a complimentary meal tasting for two in the off-season (typically in January) where you would be able to sample many different meals and enjoy a full cocktail hour with Hors D’oeuvres. It is highly recommended that you attend the Formal Meal Tasting in January since there is much more to offer during that event. A meal tasting can also be held on a Saturday night in the member’s tavern. We ask that you give us at least two weeks notice if you plan to come on a Saturday night.

5. What is the deposit and when is it due?
The deposit is $900. The deposit is broken down as follows: $800 Hall Fee (includes complimentary tasting for two), $200 Food Deposit (deducted from your final bill), and $100 Club Social Membership Fee (only waived if an immediate family member is a current Golf Member). 

6. What is the cancellation policy?
We will only refund you $600 - $700 if the date you chose is rebooked. We do not refund the $100 Club Social Membership Fee.

7. How many guests can you accommodate?
We can accommodate up to 250 guests comfortably. We can accommodate for as many as 300 guests but you would be encroaching on to the dance floor space.

8. Do you have chair covers?
We do not have chair covers but we have Recommendations. 

9. Is there an Open Bar Package?
We do offer open bar packages. They can be priced Per Person or Per Consumption. An Open Bar can last no longer than 7 Hours Total. Please speak with Alena Murdock about the details of the Open Bar Options.

10. Are there a minimum number of guests required to book an event?
Yes, our minimum booking requirements are for Saturday bookings in peak season (May - October). The minimum number of guests required for a Saturday booking is 125.

Berkshire Hills Country Club Rules
The Hall Fee for a wedding is $800.00. These fees are for set-up and clean up of the room.  This fee is non-refundable unless the date you booked gets rebooked.  This deposit also includes a complimentary meal tasting for two held in January each year. 
There is a minimum requirement for Saturday Bookings.  That minimum is 125 guests for Saturday Bookings Only.  
Berkshire Hills Country Club requires the final meal count be provided two weeks prior to the wedding event.  We will double check this number one week prior to the wedding.  This number will not be subject to reduction.  If fewer guests attend the wedding than paid for, extra food cannot be taken from the premises.  If more people attend than initially stated, you will be billed for the additional meals.  Payment is required at the end of the event. 
Final payment is due in full one week prior to the event.  We accept Cash, Certified Checks, Personal Checks, and all Major Credit Cards. 
All food menu prices are subject to Massachusetts Meal Tax and 18% Service Fee.  Menu prices are subject to change annually.  Menu prices are valid for 1 calendar year. 
Confetti is not allowed to be used in the banquet facility.  
Candles are permitted; however the candle must be in a container with the wick at least an inch below the rim of the container.  You may use no more than 5 candles per table and no more than 3 per windowsill. 
Weddings must conclude by 1:00am and last call will be 12:30am, with our discretion. 
Outside vendors are responsible for set-up and removal of their supplies. 
Our liquor license prohibits consumption of privately supplied alcohol.  All beverages must be provided by Berkshire Hills Country Club.  Bartenders and management reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol service to anyone.  And further, to eject disorderly persons.